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First and foremost, the Tahoe Semester is an academic experience. The goal is to allow students to engage in a rich study of nature and the environment through an integrated set of courses in the sciences and the humanities that are enhanced through co-curricular experiences in and around the Tahoe Basin. 

Fall 2023: Key Dates

Saturday, August 26:     

Arrive and get settled

Sunday, August 27:

Welcome and Orientation

Monday, August 28:  

Classes Begin

November 18-26: 

Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, December 5: 

Last day of class

December 6-8:

Final Exams

Saturday, December 9:     


Tahoe Semester courses are standard Centre College offerings designed to challenge and enlighten participating students in a manner that is consistent with Centre's reputation as a selective liberal arts college. 


Students are encouraged to review the syllabus for each course with an academic advisor at your home institution to determine the number of credit hours that will be granted upon completion of the program and how those credit hours will be applied to your particular program of study (major).  


To enhance the standard course content, speakers and guest lecturers from the greater Tahoe area will be invited to address regional environmental issues and share the perspectives of local indigenous peoples on those issues. In addition, students will participate in local site visits within the Lake Tahoe and Sacramento communities to provide a more meaningful connection to specific course content.

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