HUM 202, Civic Knowledge and Engagement, 3 Units

This course employs a team-taught, transdisciplinary approach to expanding students' understanding of and commitment to civic engagement in three stages. First, through a study of core texts in the humanities, it examines a chronologically arranged variety of perspectives on the ethical responsibility of humans to their natural environment. Second, it punctuates this study with affective experience in the pristine Ansel Adams Wilderness, an experience that provides a hands-on encounter with the magnificently fragile world God has charged us to nurture. Finally, this course requires students to reflect upon and analyze their own civic responsibilities toward the environment through a final research project.


 Meets the General Education Requirement: Civic Knowledge and Engagement. 

FFL 122, Fitness for Life: Hiking, 1 Unit

This course teaches the "fitness for life" concept through hiking local trails, and includes instruction in trail first aid and emergency preparedness. Students provide their own transportation to local hiking trails. May be repeated for credit. 

Meets the General Education Requirement: Fitness for Life/Varsity Sport. 

GLBL 425, Integration and Formation Seminar, 1 Unit

Integration and Formation takes students through the process of integrating their study away experiences with their spiritual, ethical, and vocational development. It provides study away returnees with the opportunity to analyze their experiences with others while understanding the process of negotiating changing cultural norms to become ethical and responsible global learners. May be taken for 0 units by petition only.


Prerequisite: Completed Study Away Program or Instructor consent. Instructor or department consent must be obtained to drop course.

HUM 221, Core Texts in History, 3 Units

This course offers a study of selected classic works that shaped and represented different civilizations in a specified historical era, taught by a faculty tutor in an integrative, interdisciplinary fashion. HUM 221 and HUM 321 may not be taken concurrently, and additional work is required in HUM 321. This course may be repeated once for credit as the topic varies. 


Meets the General Education Requirement: Humanities: History. 

HUM 224, Core Texts in Philosophy, 3 Units

This course offers a study of selected philosophical works illustrating intellectual perspectives of a specified historical era, taught by a faculty tutor in an integrative, interdisciplinary fashion. HUM 224and HUM 324 may not be taken concurrently, and additional work is required in HUM 324. This course may be repeated once for credit as the topic varies. 


Meets the General Education Requirement: Philosophy. 

UBBL 230, Luke/Acts, 3 Units

This course introduces New Testament biblical literature, hermeneutics, and literary critical methodologies with a primary focus on the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. Special attention is given to the texts with regard to their political, cultural, religious, and geographical settings; the literary structures and genres employed; and how these texts are relevant for faithful Christian living. 


Meets the General Education Requirement: Luke/Acts. 

Prerequisite: UBBL 100 or department consent

PHYC 140, Introduction to Astronomy, 4 Units

Lecture, 3 hours; Lab, 3 hours: This course introduces the history of astronomy, the solar system, the stellar systems, galactic systems, and cosmology. A lab is included. 


Meets the General Education Requirement: Natural Science. 

Special Fee Applies

THEO 303, Theology and the Christian Life, 3 Units

The course provides an introduction to the doctrines of the Christian Church, focusing on the Christian life and its relationship to theology. The course approaches theology using an inductive method in the Wesleyan tradition, helping the student learn to think theologically from the Scriptures, orthodox ecumenical tradition, experience, and reason. 


Meets the General Education Requirement: Theology. 

Prerequisite: 3 Units of UBBL, MIN 108PHIL 100 or HUM 224 or HUM 324, or department consent

KIN 242, Fundamental Principles of Fitness, 3 Units

This foundation course will investigate fitness principles for improving cardio-respiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, body composition and overall physical wellness. The course will prepare students with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to develop, implement and manage basic fitness programs for physical education students and health fitness clients.

Special Fee Applies. Prerequisite: C- or higher in BIOL 231 or BIOL 251

WRIT 241, Writing 2: Physical Activity and Health Promotion, 3 Units

The Physical Activity and Health Promotion Writing 2 course provides students with multiple opportunities to share knowledge through written assignments and brief verbal responses. The course activities challenge the student to consider the audience and platform for communication, develop a concise argument, persuade readers, and critically evaluate research articles. Students will also enhance their skills in literature searches using the library's databases and gain proficiency in citing using APA formatting. 


Meets the General Education Requirement: Writing 2: Genre, Evidence, and Persuasion. 

Prerequisite: GE 100HON 101 or C- or Better in WRIT 110BIOL 230 OR BIOL 250. Students must be AES, KIN or PE majors.