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  • What gear will I need?
    If you are participating in a January term or Spring Semester, you can access the gear list here. If you are participating in a Fall Semester, your gear list can be found here.
  • When can I attend a Tahoe Semester Program?
    We offer a Fall and Spring Semester as well as a January term for Centre students. If you have any further questions about program dates or availability please email
  • Where can I find a packing list?
    You can access a general packing list here. Make sure to check the packing list for required items depending on the Tahoe Semester program you are participating in.
  • What is the dining plan?
    The Tahoe Semester will provide all meals during your program with the exception of any academic/holiday breaks. Each week groceries will be provided for breakfast that you can make in your communal kitchen. The kitchen in the dorm lodge has a commercial size fridge and oven and storage space that allows a large group of students to share space for meal time. Lunch and Dinner will be provided in one of the two dining centers on Zephyr Point's property. The dining halls have staff that prepare and serve the food so we ask that once you finish your meal you bus your dishes to the dish counter and clean your tables. Each dining center has beverage machines available and will typically have a salad bar/fruit option as well. Dietary accommodations can be made and must be communicated prior to arrival. You are expected to be at each meal, and if you cannot attend a staff person must be informed ahead of time. Meals look different on our outings, but will always be provided. While backpacking we will have set menus that included each meal and snacks. While traveling we will have stipends you can chose to use how you would like at a rest stop we chose. On one day excursions we will have sack lunches that the kitchen prepares for us. Lastly, on our camping trips we will have cook groups and groceries for our meals.
  • Where will I live?
    The Tahoe Semester program currently houses students in Lakeview Lodge. Lakeview is a dormitory with a shared meeting and dining area, wood-burning fireplace, commercial kitchen and communal bathrooms. There are laundry services in the facility and this dorm will only be open to your program group for the duration of the program. During your program you will have access to other spaces on Zephyr Points property which you will be informed of during a tour once you arrive. A map of Zephyr Point can be accessed here.
  • What Covid-19 Policies are in place?
    The Tahoe Semester program operates at Zephyr Point, where the latest guidelines provided by the CDC for Douglas County, NV are utilized. More information can be found in the Tahoe Semester Student Handbook.
  • Does Tahoe Semester offer employment opportunities?
    We are not currently offering employment but that is subject to change. For more information please email If you are interested in employment at Zephyr Point you can find more information here.
  • How can I send or receive mail while in Tahoe?
    Sending Mail We do not recommend planning to send out packages unless it is absolutely necessary. If you choose to send a package you must request transportation to a local shipping facility. Availability for transportation is subject to staff scheduling. Letters can be sent out with Zephyr mail but must be given to staff with the needed postage to do so. Receiving Mail Your mailing address during your program will be as follows... If FedEx/UPS: Your Name Here 660 Hwy 50 Zephyr Cove, NV 89448 If USPS: Your Name Here c/o Michele Williams PO Box 906 Zephyr Cove, NV 89448 If you are NOT here yet and you are shipping something to Zephyr, you must alert the Tahoe Semester staff. From there we will gather the information needed to ensure your package arrives and is stored for you until your arrival. Each week at our earliest convenience the staff will check the mail either onsite or at the post office and your mail will be available for you in the Lakeview common area.
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