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Zephyr Point


Zephyr Point is a haven where God’s presence seems to reach out from the snowy mountains and the deep blue lake to drape world-weary visitors in a profound peace.

- The Chicago Tribune

Located at the tip of Zephyr Point on Lake Tahoe, this comprehensive camp and conference center is one of those "thin places" between heaven and earth. Since 1925 the venue has provided rest, rejuvenation and recreation for thousands of guests from across the world. From its humble origin, when guests would camp in tents along the rugged lakeside, Zephyr Point has grown into one of the leading cross-cultural and ecumenical Christian Centers in the nation.


Zephyr Point’s history began during the "Roaring Twenties" when the Presbyterian Synod of California was contemplating new and inspirational experiences for its young people.  Dr. Robert Donaldson of the Board of National Missions in San Francisco Presbytery scheduled the first Young People’s Conference at Lake Tahoe during the summer of 1924. Since then, this spectacular location has served as the background for hundreds of groups, courses, and conferences embracing faith, humanity, and the environment. 

Zephyr Point's proximity to South Lake Tahoe, Carson City, and Reno make it an easy place to reach. It's secluded setting--including a half-mile of private shoreline and unparalleled access to the peaks, lakes, and rivers of the Sierra Nevada mountains--make it a difficult place to leave.

For more information, visit the 
Zephyr Point website.
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