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What is Trek? 

Trek is an amazing opportunity to grow spiritually emotionally, communally, and physically. Every semester starts with a five-day backpacking trip, as you split into small groups to spent the week navigating the wilderness, learning camp skills, immersing yourself in nature, and growing closer as a small community. 


Going into the backcountry gives us the chance to really live life together on a deeper level, relying on one another for help and support and fun as we progress down the trail. Over the years, hundreds of students have gone through Trek and found it a deeply enriching and growing experience!

If a week of backpacking sounds intimidating, don't worry. most students have never been on an overnight backpacking trip before, and we set everyone up for success before heading out. There's a packing list of items to come prepared with, and skills you'll learning like map and compass before we hit the trail. 

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